About us

Tin Hung Digital Printing

Tin Hung Digital Printing provides an all-in-one printing solution, our services include: digital and offset printing, film and pre-press creation, large-format printing and outdoor installation, product photography, image processing and color management.

Tin Hung Digital Printing is dedicated to enhance the development of our digital printing industry. We believe Hong Kong market requires a printing system that is fast and highly customized with large variations.

Using Digital Printing

Our company mainly are using Digital Printing and Inkjet Printing. The former is the use of heat to the toner image on the paper pressure, such as photocopying machines generally the same, but our digital printing machines for the production of prime numbers and superior speed than normal photocopier, better quality, better colour than traditional printing. Inkjet is a general principle of inkjet printers, and our use of large high quality Epson inkjet equipment, not only can be printed on different materials, the quality is guaranteed.
Digital printing applications: Print samll quantity 1-200pcs, the price than traditional worthwhile. Time convenient to the general leaflets are now landing. And multivariate data with a small amount of production, are suitable for use digital printing. On the downside, the general alignment of digital printing presses are not exactly like the traditional, so customers have to make the design fit. For example, do not have the frame of the design. In color, the toner image transferred by heat, so the average flat screen color can not be demonstrated in the paper, so the customer is best not to use the earth flat outline color as the main design.